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1st Draft, October 27, 2006

3rd Draft-extended, December 11, 2006

6th Extended, March 17, 2008

8th Extended, Jan 5, 2012 

9th Extended, April 15, 2016 





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Referencing: BİNGEL, F., 2013:






Some 20-25 years ago, Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kocataş has proposed to carry out a study about the terms and definitions frequently used in the fields of the marine biology and fisheries. This important proposal was a pleasant idea; but unfortunately we have never had the chance to realize this work together during the recent years.     


In this version of the study the priority is given to the translation of terms from English into Turkish with brief explanations. English terms are followed by Turkish equivalents so far present 


In this present work different resources have been utilized and will be continuously used also in future work. However I would like to mention especially the three references from those I most commonly benefited. One of these is the Dictionary of Ichthyology, Brian W. Coad ve Don E. McAllister, 2005. Another one is the “FishBase” Froese, R., Pauly, D., (Edits) 2006, from where I gathered main properties of fishes along the Turkish coasts and Mediterranean Sea. And the third reference is the webpage from where I compiled all information about the families of fishes. 


During the Workshop of the Ninth Development Plan, I have declared my issue to Dr. Bayram Öztürk. Later, in the activity report of Turkish Sea Research Foundation in April 2006, I have learned with pleasure that this Foundation established a widespread working group on the same subject. This shows that there is an important lack and demand. With this study, which is welcomed to your suggestions and comments, I hope to contribute to fulfill partially this lack.


As Dawkins once underlined …“Words are our servants, and not our masters. For different purposes we find it convenient to use words in different senses”… (Dawkins, R., 1986: The Blind Watchmaker). In this sense with this work it is hoped that things will be easier.


Regards, Ferit Bingel




Arrow sign (®) is used as “look at …”.

(abbrev.)    – Abbreviation

(pl.)           – Plural.




PREFACE 8th Extended version, Jan 05, 2012 


Preface of the 7th version is also valid here. However this 8th version is containing additional topics and some recent  information. Apart from short notes incorporated into the text some very important topics and discussions were added. One of which is the valuable paper authored by Arntz, W. E. & Laudien, J., 2010 discussing problems related to marine protected areas and another one is the inclusion of information especially about fish families in Mediterranean water system. The related and frequently utilized important references were;; and that of FAO/EC book edited by Fisher et al in 1987.


Hoping also here that my endeavors will be helpful for  interested users.



Regards.  Ferit Bingel






arrow sign     ® is used as “also look at …”.

µ                     asociated with

abbrev              abbreviation

pl                     plural

TL                    total boy






A draft of this work is presented on April 2006 for an internal review in the institute and on May 2006 for the opinion of people out of the institute. 1st and 2nd drafts of Turkish version are revised by Assoc. Prof. Nilgün N. Kubilay. I thank to Mss Kubilay for her efforts and kindly contributions. 


Turkish preface and acknowledgement are translated to English by Billur Çelebi. Thanks to her.






ACKNOWLEDGMENT 8th Extended version, Jan 05, 2012 



Appreciating the contribution of Prof. Zahit Uysal and PhD Student Nebil Yücel while preparing items related to 14C method. Furthermore my thanks is also going to Dr. Devrim Tezcan for his steady support and interest.